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Making Connections - Text to World

Whenever we are reading, we make sense of the story or information by connecting it to what we already know. This is called making connections. It is important to relate what we read to what we have seen elsewhere because it helps us understand the story and information better.


What is a 'text to world' connection

A text to world connection is when we read something and remember that we have heard about, read about or seen the same thing, or something similar, before. You might have seen it on the news, at school or on Youtube or you might have heard a teacher or your parents talking about it.


A text to world connection doesn't mean that we have experienced the event ourselves (like with text to self connections) but it means that we know that somewhere else in the world, something similar happened. It could have happened recently or it could have happened in history.  It could be an event, character's personality, plot, setting, theme or even an emotion a character is feeling.


For example, in this chapter of the story, Maia is walking through the Amazon Rainforest alone and she begins to get lost. 

I made a text to world connection when I read about Maia getting lost in the Amazon Rainforest because a few months ago, I saw on the news that a young girl got lost in the Australian forest and survived alone for three days before she was found and rescued.


Notice how I:

  • started my sentence with 'I made a text to world connection when...'
  • explained the event (Maia getting lost in the rainforest) and
  • explained how I knew about something similar happening elsewhere in the world by using the word because



 Watch the video below to clarify what you have just learnt about text to world connections.




Task: Make three text to world connections based on what you have read so far in Journey to the River Sea. You might like to challenge yourself by making more than three different connections. 


Sentence stems to help you get started:

I made a text to world connection when...

When I read about...I made a text to world connection because...

That reminded me of the time I watched the news and saw...

The same thing happened to *insert name* when...

I know this also happens in *insert country* because...

I heard about something similar happening when...



You may either: 

  • write your sentences on some paper and then send me a photo of your work or
  • type your sentences in a digital document or email and send them to me 

Please send your work to 




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Hands on Activity - How to Draw Rainforest Animals


Watch the video below for a step by step guide to drawing rainforest animals.



Task: Draw and colour in a rainforest animal.  


Send me a photo of your drawing at