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Ben Nevis - Wednesday


This week we are reading...

 Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman


Reading Task



Listen to the story again.

Can you retell the story to an adult?

Have a go at sequencing these pictures to help you!





Writing Task

For each picture write a sentence explaining what is happening in that part of the story.

Remember to use a full stop, capital letters and finger spaces. 


 Can you improve your sentence by making it a 'BOYS  sentence.



French Practice

Here is a link to the French Practice page on our website. 

French Practice

Special Task


In our story this week, Grace loves putting on plays for her family. I would love for you to find a story and perform it for your adults at home. It can be a pantomime, a fairy story, a scene from a film or anything you fancy! Get creative and make some props to act with or a stage to perform on or even make tickets to give to your grown ups.