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Eiger - Thursday



Yesterday, we answered some questions about the story using prompts to help us. Today, we are going to continue our discussion further by exploring the themes in the book. A theme is a subject or a topic in a piece of writing. 
Can you think of some themes in Amazing Grace?

Here's some themes I thought of. Discuss the themes in the story using the questions to guide you.

Why did Grace want a role that a boy usually played? 
Is it okay for girls to do things that boys normally do? 
Are some jobs only made for boys/girls?

Not only is Grace a girl, but she is black and wants to play the part of a white boy. 
Is it fair that people tell Grace she can't play Peter Pan because he is white and she is black? 
Are people different in ways besides skin color? (disabilities, language, and family life).

What does it say about Grace that she went ahead and tried out for the part? 
What are some words to describe her character? 
Have you ever experienced anything like this? 
How do you think she felt doing something that everyone thought was unusual or even wrong? 
What would you have done in her place? 
How would the story have been different if Grace was shy or doubted herself?

Grace's mother and grandmother were supportive of her decision and encouraged her to try out for the part. 
How would the story have been different if Grace's family had not encouraged her? 
Has your family ever given you courage to do something? 
How has your family helped you?

Writing and Grammar

After your discussion, write about your ideas on one theme in the book. I've chosen to write about courage. Think about what parts of the story you saw someone being courageous. 

Use the blue sentence starters in the example below to help you write about your ideas on courage.

Here's a paragraph I wrote about courage:
An important event in the story that talks about her courage is when Grace gets the part of Peter Pan. 
This shows her courage because people told her that she couldn't play him because she didn't look like him. 
Another time she showed courage in the story was when she acted as lots of other characters. 
The author used the theme of courage because she wanted people to know that you should never give up on your dreams. 
I like that Grace was brave and and didn't care what people thought. Grace showed everyone that she could do it.

Don't forget to edit!
Edit your writing by...

Re-reading it!
Read your writing to check it makes sense.
Read your writing to check your punctuation is correct (that means capital letters and full stops!).

Making it more detailed!
Add some adjectives to make your writing more interesting for the reader.

Getting some feedback!
Read your writing aloud to a family member and see what they enjoyed about the writing and any ways in which it might be improved.

Publish your writing to finish the writing process.
You can use lined paper to publish your piece of writing on. Make sure you write with neat, joined handwriting.
You might like to draw a picture to present it with too.


We are learning time! Time is used to measure or compare the duration of events or the intervals between them, and even sequence events.

This week we are learning about how many minutes are in an hour and how many hours are in a day.

60 minutes = 1 hour
24 hours = 1 day

Top tip: Don't forget to use your knowledge of tens and ones to help you when adding 60 minutes (1 hour) to another amount.

Here's an example:
1 hour and 30 minutes = ? minutes

60 minutes and 30 minutes = ? minutes

If you'd like some Dienes tens and ones to help you, click the button below. It is a website with movable pictures of Dienes blocks.

Use Dienes here  


Special Task

Host an international dinner night!

We love talking about food from other cultures! Is there a country you might like to go and visit one day? Look at the world map and choose a country you'd like to visit. Research the culture of the country and the types of dishes that might be common for people who live there. Choose a dish, find the recipe and make a delicious dinner to have with your family!

World map 

Will you make jollof rice from Nigeria for dinner?                      Will you make empanadas from Argentina for dinner?


Will you make golabki from Poland for dinner?       Will you make cheeseburgers from the United States for dinner?


Will you make lamingtons from Australia for dessert?    Will you make mango sticky rice from Thailand for dessert?


Send me your recipes and photos of your creations!