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Etna - Monday



Today we are going to focus upon the skill of summarising the main points in a chapter. Please read chapter six and then write a summary of it including an illustration.






This week we are going to revise how to use pronouns effectively when speaking and writing. Click on the link below and watch the short video clip and then have a try at the quizzes, the answers are there for you to check your work.

Maths - today we are revising right angles.


Here is the solution to the compass question I set last Friday. Did you get it right? 


Extra Activity: 

Some time ago hedgehogs  were used to highlight the importance of road safety. We are lucky that traffic is reduced due to Coronavirus. As restrictions on travel are lifted we will need to remember the rules of safe road crossing. Watch the video clip below. Then summarise the main points  - tell an adult what these points are. Alternatively, you could: create a poster, song,  or short video to share with the class.

If you can please send me your work. Have a lovely day.