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Matterhorn - Friday


Today we are going to be answering some questions from a text. We call this exercise comprehension. To comprehend means to show you understand something. When we answer questions it shows we understand what the writing is telling us.



We are learning time! Time is used to measure or compare the duration of events or the intervals between them, and even sequence events.

Special Task

Watch this story about diversity. In class, we speak about diversity a lot. Do you remember what diversity means?
We sometimes sit on the floor together and research different food from around the world. We get really hungry looking at all of the yummy dishes from other cultures! We also do some research on different clothes people wear, what types of houses they live in, and different religions too.

Talk to your parents about the story and how it makes you feel. 
How do you feel at home? 
How do you feel at school? 
Do you feel welcome when you go to other places?

End of Week Message from Mrs. Ferguson

Hello Lovely Matterhorn,

I hope you have a great weekend. 

 Please keep sending me any work that you do. It could be a photograph, a document or even a video. Send your work to and I will reply as quickly as I can. 

 Take care and keep healthy!  

Mrs. Ferguson