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Snowdon - Tuesday


This week we are reading...




Shh! We Have a Plan by Chris Haughton

 Reading Task

Today we will be focusing on vocabulary.

This story does not have many words, but it has lots of beautiful images that make me think of lots of fantastic vocabulary. I have thought of 5 words that I think describe the story, I would like you to find out what they mean and create a word map for two of them.

It is really important that we find out what new words mean. We should always try to learn as many new words as possible!

perched - 'The bird is perched in the tree.'

oblivious - 'The little bird was oblivious to the goofy gang.'

quest - 'They were on a quest to catch the bird.'

elusive - 'They could not catch the elusive bird.'

poised - 'Their nets were poised, ready to catch the bird.'


Challenge: perched and poised are both doing words. What is the special name for a doing word?

How about when that doing word is a bossy word?


Here is a great online dictionary for children. It also has a new 'Word of the Day' which you could use to learn new words every day! 

Britannica Kids

When you have found the meaning of your new word, use the worksheet below to help you to use the word in different ways. 


Telling the time

I know that lots of you having been learning how to tell the time and practising it every day which is fantastic!

Here is a video to help you and some online activities to do too.

Why not try making your own clock using this guide and seeing if you can show all the different times your parents/siblings ask you to?

Make a paper clock

Interactive Clock

Telling the time






Special Task

Making your own musical instrument

Music is a fantastic way of communicating with others. It can make us feel happy and sad, tell stories and help us express ourselves.

We can make music using our voices (for example singing or whistling) or our hands (for example drumming or clapping). We can also use musical instruments to help us create music.

Do you recognise any of these instruments?


For your special task today, you can have a go at making your own musical instruments using recycled materials (materials that you already have in the house that you can re use)

Do send me any pictures or videos of your instruments!

How to make musical instruments

More musical instruments (including a guitar!)