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Snowdon - Friday

This week we are reading...


 Meerkat Mail

Here is a piece of writing all about Molly the Meerkat. Can you read the text and answer the comprehension questions about it?

Writing Task

Can you create a story map for Meerkat Mail? Think about all the places that Sunny visits and who he sees. If you can, add adjectives to describe those different places e.g scorching, hot desert or gloomy, dark, damp forest.


Now choose your favourite day in Sunny's travels. Think about where he was and what it looked like. How was he feeling on this day? Who did he meet?

Have a go at writing your own postcard from Sunny to his parents. Make sure you describe the place using 2A sentences and make sure you use the first person!

Have a look at what the postcards look like in the story to help you.



A message for the weekend and a special half term task

Half term task: Your half term task is to be creative! Please create one special thing (it is up to you what it is) and send me in a photo! We have done lots of creative and fun new things during this term and you have produced some beautiful work!

Here are some examples of the things we have done to give you ideas:

ART: paintings, sketches and collages

DT: making bird feeders, sunglasses, flip books and marshmallow and spaghetti towers

MUSIC: playing songs on the online piano and learning dance routines

SCIENCE: making lava lamps, shadow puppets

WRITING: stories, letters, postcards, fact files

PE: practising yoga routines


Dear Snowdon class,

I hope you are all well! Have a wonderful half term and enjoy the lovely weather if you can! There will not be any work up on the website for this week but do keep reading and being creative and active! Remember you can still send any questions or queries to and I will get back to you as soon as I can!