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Matterhorn - Wednesday

Reading and Writing

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Can you make up some actions to help you retell the story? Watch this video of another Year 2 class retelling The Papaya That Spoke. They used actions and a puppet show to tell the story. How will you do it?


Today we are focusing on making singular nouns plural. A noun is a word used to identify something. 

    • A plural noun is used when there is more than one of something.
    • Most nouns follow rules to turn them into plural nouns.
  • Some plural nouns are irregular and can be difficult to spell, whilst others stay the same.

Watch this Bite Size video to find out the rule when we add s or es to a noun.

Can you add an s or es ending onto these words to make them change from singular to plural?




We are learning fractions! Fractions are parts of a whole. We can use numbers to show how many parts of a whole we have.

Equivalent means equal in value. Equivalent fractions are fractions that equal the same amount. Let's look at the equivalent fractions 1/2 and 2/4.





Pratiquer le français (Practice French)


Special Task


Have a birthday party for your favourite toy.

It’s up to your imagination and circumstances - how big do you want this celebration to be? It could be anything from just a pretend tea party, to a big party with music, balloons, treats and party games (think Musical Statues, Pass The Parcel and Simon Says).