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Snowdon - Friday

This week we are reading...


Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne

Handa's Surprise


Reading Task 

Here are some comprehension questions to answer about the story.

Bonus Writing Task: 

Can you create an acrostic poem for the different fruits?

For example

Gigantic and juicy

Up in the tree

As sweet as honey 

Very tasty for me

Absolutely delicious! 

A message for the weekend and a special weekend task

Dear Snowdon class,

This grey rainy weather has really been getting me down! I have found that a really fun and exciting way to stay active indoors is to dance, as it is a form of exercise and learning dances is working your brain too.

For your special weekend task this week, I would like you to learn some dances for me and then have a go at creating your own dance! It can be whatever you want! It could be to your favourite song or maybe you could create a silly dance using rhyming patterns or a dance to teach someone a skill like on the Go Noodle youtube page.

For example, you could create a dance about making Handa's fruit salad. Each dance move could be an action e.g

'peel the tangerine'

'taste the juicy mango'

'duck from the elephant'

'balance the basket'

'spin away from the monkey'

'chop the avocado'

I have attached some links as examples of dances you can learn on youtube, however it is up to you what you dance to, just have fun! Please send me any photos and videos of your dancing as I would love to see what you have done.

Stay safe and enjoy your weekend,

Miss Warner :)

Zumba dance -

Moana dance -

The Robot Dance -

Justin Timberlake dance routine -

Go noodle youtube page -