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Everest - Friday

Update from Shadowdale:

After his devastating, and humiliating, defeat at the hands of Mystra, Bane returned to his private, and secret, quarters in the back of his church in Zhentil Keep, the capital city of his worship. It this secret room he fell into a deep regenerative coma while the woulds he suffered healed. This room was kept secret as he did not want his followers seeing him have to complete human, mundane, tasks such as eating and sleeping. The task of preparing his meals and looking over his sleeping, recovering form fell to Tempus Blackstone. He kept vigil over his master's prone form but would wince as Bane would periodically scream out in pain....or fear, Blackstone could not figure out which. When Bane's eyes eventually snapped open after his body had healed itself, the first thing the god of strife demanded was food, the second, his scrying bowl. Bane waved his hand over the dark, murky water and the gaunt, pale pallor of the god of the dead, Myrkul appeared before him. The flesh was stretched tight over the skull of his avatar, and any plumpness, any sign that the vessel of Myrkul's form had once been alive had long since passed. "You have failed Bane," Myrkul stated matter-of-factly. "Do not start with me Myrkul, I am in no mood. What news of the realms have you heard in my....absence," Bane snapped at his counterpart. "Mystra is dead. Helm destroyed her essence on the celestial stairway. Magic is even more unstable than ever now the Weave is without its guardian. The four humans who beset you at Castle Kilgrave are making their way towards Shadowdale," Myrkul explained. "Elminster!" Bane hissed, "What would they be going there for?" he further mused to himself. "Given that Elminster is the greatest of Mystra's Chosen, do you not think that he, maybe, settled there to protect something of great import?" Bane thought for a moment when the answer came to him, "Another celestial stairway." Myrkul grinned, the paper thin skin, stretching tight over his lips, "Aye, that is what I believe as well." Bane considered this for a momnet before asking, "Can you still channel the souls of the dead into other living creatures." Myrkul tilted his head to one side, "I can." This time Bane allowed a cruel smile to form on his disfigured face, "Then do so. Every soul from Zhentil Keep and ever soul from Shadowdale that dies within the next week send to me. I will use their power to take the celestial stairway and destroy that meddlesome archmage." "And how do you intend to get the souls you need for such an undertaking?" Myrkul asked. "Simple. I will take my forces and wage war on Shadowdale. I will raze it to the ground and leave it as nothing but a stain on the land," Bane explained to floating image of Myrkul as  he started to laugh maniacally at his own plan and the thoughts of sowing discord to all the people of the Dales as their shining star of a country gets brought dow low by his hand.



Summarising is a skill where you read something but then you have to get the main points of what you have read across within a certain number of words. This is called a summary generally or an abstract for more technical pieces of writing. What I would like you to do please is to read this article here and then to type out a summary for me in no more than 200 words on a word document. I would like you to use the Arial font and the size must be 12. When you are writing a summary, you must only use the document that you are provided.


A very big thank you to those of you who have been regularly sending me work. I am very happy that you are being so proactive about your learning in these difficult times. Now it is the weekend, so take a break, relax and have some fun over the weekend and I'll talk to you all next week.