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Fuji - Thursday


I would love for us to finish this book before the end of the school year because I can't wait to see how Maia and Clovis are going to improve their situations and I'm sure you are feeling the same! Today, I would like you to start the next chapter of Journey to the River Sea. Tomorrow, your comprehension questions will be based on today's reading.



 Journey to the River Sea

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Before the invention of the internet or other instant communication technology, people used to communicate by writing each other letters. Many people still do this today, but it is much less common to write a letter these days because sending an email is so much faster and less expensive. Writing a letter and writing an email have almost exactly the same features. 

In this chapter of Journey to the River Sea, Maia writes a message to Mr Murray to ask him if he will help her arrange a ticket for Clovis to get back to England by boat. Maia says that Mr Murray can use her money to pay for Clovis' ticket. Today, you are going to pretend to be Maia and write a letter to Mr Murray requesting his help. Try to include:

  • Explain who Clovis King is
  • Explain why Clovis needs help
  • Explain how Maia plans to help Clovis
  • Request Mr Murray's help to arrange a ticket for Clovis

As well as all of the typical features of a letter (below).


Features of a letter

Task: Pretend you are Maia and write a letter to Mr Murray asking for his help to arrange a ticket for Clovis to get back to England from Manaus.


You may write your letter in pen/pencil and send me a photo of your work OR you can create it using a computer.

Please send your work to 




Music Activity - Learn a song about the Amazon Rainforest

Singing can help us feel calm and happy. Group singing can make us feel even more joyful and positive. Try to find someone to sing this song with you.

Watch this video to learn a song about the Rainforest.