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 Hello Year 5 and welcome back! 


I hope you have had a nice break! 

We have a very exciting term ahead, we have lots of sunshine and exciting learning this term. Below is our Year 5 overview of what we will be learning this term, our topic is ABRACADABRA and we are going to be doing many exciting activities.

Homework will be posted on  google classroom every Friday afternoon. If you have any questions you can always leave a message on google classroom. If you have forgotten your email address or password to log in you can email me on

 Homework needs to be submitted by Monday morning. Spelling test is every Wednesday remember to go to Spellzone and learn your words.

In addition, make sure you are: 





In Maths we have been focusing on decimals. This week we have been adding and subtracting decimals. We have used a range of methods such as bar models, column method and part part whole model. 





In writing we are reading the book 'Kick' By Mitch Johnson.


We have been looking at child labour around the world and we are going to be writing a persuasive letter to John Stones to persuade him to join the cause and put an end to child labour. 

This week we have used colons to give more information and explain our point further. 




Science Week


For Science week we did an experiment called the Rocket Blast Balloon. We looked at different variables which effected the distance the balloon travelled. 





In RE this week we have been looking at the journey of life, we worked in groups and drew out the different life events and milestones we go through.