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Sugarloaf - Wednesday


Read the text below or visit the book on Epic! here. 

What features can you identify from yesterdays list? 

Make a prediction about what will happen next in the text. 

Making Predictions With Informational Text - Lessons - Tes Teach



Complete the story mountain below as you plan out your own comic strip! 

You can either use your story from last week as inspiration, Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx, Geronimo Stilton OR you can come up with a new idea! 

Although, your setting MUST be in Ancient Egypt. 


Year 5 French 

*Check year 5 French tab for todays work.*


Today we are going to take a look at Metric Units! 

Watch the video below: 


 Choose work you feel comfortable with today. Try challenging yourself and attempting either a spicy question if you're working on mild OR the extra spicy if you're working on spicy! 






Extra Challenge: 



Please submit all maths work to