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Sugarloaf - Monday


This week we are going to take a look at a new type of text. Graphic Novels! 

Read the page below or click the link HERE to access the text on Epic!


Reading Comprehension:

Find the meaning of the new vocabulary below






Answer the questions below: 

1) "CLANG" is an example of what literary device? Remember a word that mimics a sound being made. Can you spot any others throughout the text?

2) "Moldy Mozzerella" and "Rotten Roquefort!" are examples of what literary devices? Can you come up with 3 of your own? 

3) What is the problem Geronimo and his friends run into? 

4) How does the author keep you engaged with the last "panel" or square of the comic? 



We are going to take a look at "parenthesis" and how to use them in our writing. 

1) Watch the short clip and complete the quiz at the link below: 


2) Complete the tasks below: 


 Once complete please send to me at: