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Snowdon - Monday


This week we are reading...



I want my hat back by Jon Klassen 


Reading Task

Which parts do you like?

Which parts don't you like?

Who are the characters in the story?

Who is your favourite character?

Does it remind you of any other stories?


I like the part when...

I dislike the part when...

The characters are...

My favourite character is...

This book reminds me of...


Phonics PracticeFred Talk – Blending skills. – Abbots Phonics

Each week I will put a sound from each set to practise. 

There will be 4 words for you to read and a nonsense word too! Can you spot the nonsense word?

Remember - spot the special friends, fred talk the word and then read the word. 

Set 1 - u








Set 2 - Now we have learnt all of the Set 2 sounds, use this sound chart to revise them! Can you use your friend fingers to spell words using these sounds?

For example: 'ow' s-n-ow snow




Set 3 - oa






Picnic on Pluto This is a great game to help you with your phonics. 


Special task 

As we are coming to the end of the school year, it is important to think about all the fun and happy memories we have created. I know it has been a strange last few months but you have all done so well and I hope you still remember the great time we had in Snowdon class! 

Photos are a fantastic way of preserving memories. Today I would like to think of 4 of your favourite memories from this year. Then I would like you to draw them onto a a square as if they are a printed polaroid photo. You can either use this template, or you can even cut out squares of paper and clip them up somewhere like in the picture below!

Please send all your lovely photo pictures to