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Secondary Transfer 

We are aware that secondary transfer for our current Year 6 children is likely to look very different this year.

Usually we would be advising everyone to visit as many schools as they can with their children, so that you can find out about the schools.  Sadly this is unlikely to be the case this year, but we are here to help!

Thank you to everyone who came to our virtual meeting on Wednesday 30th September where we heard from a number of local secondary schools.  If you were not able to make it click below to see what was said:


Important things to note:

All applications have to be made online:

Closing dates for applications: Saturday 31st October 2020 (although we recommend submitting your application by Friday 23rd October) 

Results for online applications will be emailed to you: Monday 1 March 2021 

Deadline for accepting your offer: Monday 15 March 2021 (if you applied online, you must accept the offer online – you should keep a record of your login details)


Click below to see details of schools and application procedures for all three of our local boroughs

         Lewisham Secondary schools 

Lewisham Admissions  



     Greenwich Secondary Schools  


Greenwich Admissions 


 Southwark Secondary schools 


Southwark Admissions 

 See what children and parents of current Year 7 have to say about starting secondary school in Lewisham


As schools send us information about their open days we will upload them here: 

Deptford Green

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 St Matthew's Academy 

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 Habadashers Askes 

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Addey and Stanhope

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Bacon's College

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Harris Bermondsey

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Prendergast Vale

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