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Matterhorn - Thursday

Reading, Writing and Grammar

Today we are going to write some sentences about our time in Year 2!

Think about all of the special things we've done this year!

We went on two school trips...
- Deptford Park and the Thames River
- Madame Tussauds
We had fun on Friday afternoons.
We won marble challenges and did crafty afternoons.
We dressed up in costumes...
- World Book Day
- Sports Relief Day
- Children in Need
We read amazing new books...
- Claude in the City
- Lila and the Secret of Rain
- Orion and the Dark

Use the sheet to help you write sentences about your special time in Year 2.
Challenge: Can you write a paragraph for each one? Tell me about the book and why it's your favourite, for example.


This week we are going over some of the maths we've learnt in Year 2. 

Special Task

Make playdough!


Thank you to Mylo for suggesting the Special Task today!

Send me your pictures!