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Year 2 Science



Autumn A – Health and Growth


BBC: Health and Growth  -  Interactive activity and quiz about keeping healthy.

NGFL Cymru: Healthy Eating  -  A series of interactive whiteboard screens, lesson plans and worksheets.


Autumn B – Grouping and Changing Materials

BBC: Sorting and Using Materials  -  Interactive online activity to investigate whether or not materials are waterproof. Also includes a quiz. (Year 1)

BBC: Grouping and Changing Materials  -  Interactive online activity investigating what various item are made from. (Year 2)

BBC: Characteristics of Materials  -   Interactive activity investigating the characteristics of a range of materials. (Year 3)

Recycling Glass -  Information and activities for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 related to recycling glass. Free CD-ROM available for schools. 



Spring A – Forces and Movement


BBC: Pushes and Pulls  -  An interactive activity to test pushes and pulls on a rolling object and also an online quiz. (Year 1)

BBC: Forces and Movement  -  An interactivity to test forces and gradients on rolling objects and an online quiz.



            Spring B – Plants and Animals in the Local Environment


Nature Detectives  -  A large range of printable and online resources to help children discover more about nature.



            Summer A – Variation - An interactive variation activity.



Summer B – Using Electricity


 BBC Science Clips: Magnets & Springs  -  An online activity and quiz to support this unit.

Engineering Interact: Magnets  -  Interactive learning activity.


Learning Circuits  -  Flash based activities about electricity and circuits.

Power Up  -  A range of information and activities from EDF Energy.

The Blobz Guides to Electricity Circuits  -  Flash-based information, activities and quizzes.

The Electricity Book  -  From the Birmingham Grid for Learning.

NPower Power Pack  -  A selection of free educational resources to support teaching about energy. With teachers' notes.





Interactive games & teaching resources for KS1


  Worksheets for all QCA areas