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Mathletics: Brilliant resource for maths practice in all areas and at all levels. Particularly fun to play interactively with other children, improve your speed!

"This is a great website for practicing your skills in maths. I really love it!"'

"I think mathletics is a great website for KS1 or 2 because it has all the things that they do in their classes."

By Year 6


My Maths: Excellent resource which gives clear step by step teaching for different areas of maths, along with practice questions at different levels.


Woodlands maths games: Easy to find games for practicing maths at home.


A great website for Number Detectives!


Lots of Different Maths Activities -

"I think Starship maths is really fun for all infants."

By Year 6 



Fractions – designing flags to fraction specifications


Money Box Activity

"I think the money bus game is good for children so they can experience life with money."   

By Keith - Year 4


Money Activity


Number Operations




A great resource with lots of interactive games around number, suitable for everyone.


-       Counting -  fairies 2s,3s,5s and 10s.

-       Fairground target game (to 10). Suitable for Ks1.      

Reading and writing numbers

-       Post a letter, 100 hunt.

-       Place Value

-       Shark Pool

-       Dinosaur

-       Doubles

-       Archery doubles

-       Bridge doubles 


-       Soccer subtraction

-       Brilliant beadstring

-       Funny fingers  

Comparing and ordering numbers

-Find one more

-Mend the number square


Dartboard Doubles