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Everest - Wednesday

Ms Lue-Cooper has asked that I give a special congratulations and well done to Shkinah and Edison for consistently doing their French work and submitting it to her during the lock down period. Well done you two!


 Year 6 French

Bonjour les enfants! (Good morning children!)

This is the final week of worksheets for the term and for the year! The topics are: parts of the body and leisure activities.  I hope you will the worksheets self-explanatory.  Here are this week's worksheets (WB le 13 juillet).  

Le corps

Les passe-temps


Complete the work on the Word documents and email me your work at, please.


This is my final message to you.  I shall not be returning to Sir Francis Drake in September.  I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you French this year and hope I have sparked your interest in continuing to study French.  I wish you well in your studies in secondary school and I hope you particularly enjoy the study of modern foreign languages.


 Au revoir et bonne continuation!

Mme Lue-Cooper



Science - Mixing, Dissolving and Separating


Find out why different substances do different things when added to liquids.

Mixing or dissolving?

When something dissolves in water it is soluble. It will produce a solution. eg. salt

When something cannot dissolve in water it is insoluble. It will create a mixture. eg. sand


Separation is when we get back what we dissolved or mixed together.


Activity 1


Do the online task here.

Activity 2


Try it yourself (adult supervision required)

Take some rice or pasta and mix it with water.

Think about how they might separate them and then try it out (Hint: You’ll need a sieve/colander).

Next dissolve some salt/sugar in water and then heat it up and see what happens. Is it what you expected?