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Eiger - Friday


Today we are going to be answering some questions from a text. We call this exercise comprehension. To comprehend means to show you understand something. When we answer questions it shows we understand what the writing is telling us.


This week we are going over some of the maths we've learnt in Year 2.

We are continuing our work from yesterday:

Special Task

Do a survey about your Year 2 experience with Miss Tanner!

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End of Year Message from Miss Tanner

Hello Eiger ninjas,

Sadly, our year has come to an end! I hope you have learnt so many new things this year, and that you have loved being in my class as much as I've loved having you. It has been an absolute pleasure and joy to have each and every one of you in Eiger Class. I will miss you dearly, but we will still be able to see each other around school! You are always welcome in my classroom no matter what.

If you do anything spectacular over the summer holidays and want to tell me about it, just send me an email!

I cannot wait to see you all in September!!!!

I hope you have the loveliest summer holidays ever. 

Lots of love,

From Miss Tanner