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Covid-19 Update 20th March 2020

As you know, the school will be closing on Monday until further notice.  This is part of the government strategy to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

The government has asked us remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend. The school will remain partially open to provide care for a small number of children - children who we have identified as needing extra support including those with EHCP and children whose parents are critical to the Covid-19 response and cannot be cared for at home.

Guidance for parents and carers:

This is an offer to parents and carers and there is no requirement for you to send your child to school if you do not need or wish to do so. Some parents working in the critical sectors will be able to arrange for their child to be cared for safely at home and you should do so if you can. We recognise that this will not always be possible.

If you are a critical worker, you are needed to keep essential services going and we thank you for all the hard work you are doing. We want you to know that, if you need care for your child, the school will be open next week for you between the hours of 9.00am and 3.30pm.

Please remember that you should not rely for childcare upon those who are advised to be in the stringent about social distancing such as grandparents, friends, or family members with underlying conditions.

We have already been in touch to assess who needs care for next week. Some of you have already let us know that you are a critical worker and have made arrangements for Monday. The government issued the complete list of critical workers this morning. Please check and let us know by email to if you think you are classed as a critical worker. We will then contact you by email to confirm that your child can attend on Monday and let you know the arrangements.

If your circumstances change over the weekend (for example, your childcare arrangements fall through) please let us know by email to