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Ben Nevis - Tuesday


This week we are reading...

Gorilla by Anthony Browne




Reading Task


Today we will be focusing on vocabulary.

Can you find the meanings for these words?









Here is a great online dictionary for children. It also has a new 'Word of the Day' which you could use to learn new words every day! 

Britannica Kids

When you have found the meaning of your new word, use the worksheet below to help you to use the word in different ways. 



This week we will be learning about making equal groups and sharing amounts into equal groups.

We will be sharing into two groups (halving) and sharing into equal groups of 5 and 10. We can use our counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and our knowledge of times tables to help you!

When you are practising sharing equally into two groups you can say 'half of __ = __'

You can use anything to make your groups it doesn't have to be counters or cubes. You could use dried pasta, coins or beads for example!



Key Questions:

How can you tell if the groups are equal?

How can you represent the equal groups?

Do all numbers divide into equal groups of 2?

How do you sort the cubes into equal groups?

What would happen if there were 21 cubes?

Have I got equal groups? How do you know? Does each group need to be arranged in the same way for it to be equal?




Special Task

In the 'Gorilla' story, the gorilla takes Hannah on an amazing night time adventure and she visits her favourite places. 

If you could go on an incredible night time adventure, where would you go? Who would you go with?

It can be anywhere in the world!

Your special task for today is to draw a story map or write a story of your night time adventure. You can be as crazy and creative as you want!